A delight also for long sleepers

Culinary delights at the Hotel Apartment Haus Gitschberg

For the start of the day, we recommen our rich XXL breakfast buffet, while in the afternoon we offer an afternoon brunch starting from summer 2022 - enjoy the culinary delights at the Hotel Appartement Haus Gitschberg.

Our XXL breakfast at the Haus Gitschberg comprises: 

  • fresh rolls, weckerl and vital breads
  • various sausages and cheeses
  • homemade spreads, jams, honey, Nutella
  • eggs 
  • fresh fruit, yogurt, cereals and various cereals
  • homemade bacon 
  • different types of coffee and tea
  • freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices

Heart, what more do you want? In addition, we provide hot insider tips and interesting facts about the area.

Breakfast XXL à la Gitschberg

Start your day with our extra large breakfast at the Hotel Appartement Haus Gitschberg. Enjoy our special day start with lots of delicacies every day from 8 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

Our afternoon brunch

Afternoon snack with ancients roots

In South Tyrol, the so-called “Marende” has always been a tradition that is still alive. We add some spice to this tradition and offer a delicious afternoon brunch starting from summer season 2022. 

In South Tyrol, the afternoon snack is called “Marende” and is celebrated not only in farmers’ families. The typical South Tyrolean afternoon snack is made up of South Tyrolean bacon, brittle bread and sometimes a glass of local red wine. Often also South Tyrolean smoked sausages and local cheese are offered. The so called “Speckbrettl”, including bacon, cucumbers and cheese, makes everyone give in to temptation. 

Based on this tradition, we offer afternoon brunch from 4 pm to 6 pm, which is a casual and hearty afternoon snack of the special kind, in which we offer more than bacon, cheese and bread. When you come back from your adventure journeys, sit back and enjoy the delicacies offered at our brunch. We are looking forward to enjoyable encounters and satisfied guests.