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Holidays in South Tyrol

Holiday region Gitschberg Jochtal 

Traditional farms, cosy alpine huts and pristine nature define the Gitschberg Jochtal alpine region. Well-marked hiking trails suitable for the whole family lead through field and forest until awe-inspiring viewpoints are reached.

The Gitschberg Jochtal alpine region offers plenty of things you just can’t miss:

  • The panoramic platform on top of the Gitschberg, offering a spectacular view on more than 500 mountain sumits.
  • The rustic Fane alpine pasture, which is considered to be the most beautiful alpine village in South Tyrol. It seems that time has stopped here; managed cottages, a small chapel and a few huts are scattered across the alpine landscape.
  • The Castle of Rodeneck, which was once built to serve as a fort and reached its current state of beauty during the Renaissance. Today, the castle is a museum.
  • The mountain farms in Fundres, which are not just fascinating to guests, but also to locals. Farms that have been in the same family for generations, diverse traditional costumes and the view on the jagged cliffs amaze everyone who comes to the Fundres Valley.
  • The market town of Rio di Pusteria, which fascinates with its narrow alleyways, medieval residences and modern infrastructure.
  • The Gitschberg Jochtal Skiing Region with its 44 kilometres of slopes. It makes a winter lover’s heart pound faster.